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May 4, 2008

A Lazy Sunday with Mrs. T

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Quite an enjoyable low stress and lazy Sunday with Mrs. T. Went shopping with Mrs. T at Vivo City. Had coffee and thick peanut butter toast at Toast Box (yum!). Went to the Mark and Spencer sale but didn’t manage to buy anything. Bought clothes from Topshop and Bossini. And then a late lunch at Food Republic.

Mrs. T and I noticed that it was not crowded as usual at Vivo City. It suits us just fine but I think it’s a sign that the recession is well and truly here. People not shopping with a vengeance (which is rare in Singapore).

Did my usual Turbulence Training and had a seafood hor fun at the Cze Char restaurant.

Happy days.

February 23, 2008

Chinese New Year 2008 in review

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It’s been a long time since I posted.  I went back to KL with Mrs. T for Chinese New Year and came back sick.  Mrs. T thinks I made myself ill by stuffing myself with too much Bee Cheng Hiang bak kwa.

 Chinese New Year this year was quiet.  It’s sad that this was the first CNY without father.  But mother and I got along well and we didn’t have any tiffs.  Mom did her steamboat which was pretty OK except for the fact that she put too much dried scallops.  It made everyone very thirsty.  My eldest brother didn’t have too rush back to sis-in-law’s hometown this time because his in-laws was in town.  Instead of giving Mom an ang pow, Mrs. T and I bought her a gold pendant.  I thought that she liked it very much.

I went to visit our neighbour who suffered a stroke and was staying in an old folk’s home on the second day of new year.  She was suffering mentally.  It was really sad and I am glad that my brother, sis-in-law and I were able to distract her for a few hours.  Co-incidentally, we bumped into her son and husband as we were about to leave.  I used to play ping-pong with her son when I was a kid.  Her son mentioned that my father used to bring us to play badminton at the university.  It was a nice memory that I had almost forgotten about it.

Rounded up this CNY with loh-hei-ing on chap goh mei with Mrs. T, my classmates and their little daughter. 

January 29, 2008

Mrs. T is Home!

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Eating and watching her Korean programmes.  And studiously ignoring me.  She must be feeling better!

January 28, 2008

Mrs. T’s Operation

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Mrs. T’s operation went well today.  But it is heart wrenching to see Mrs. T all groggy and in pain.  The doctor actually called me on my mobile to let me know that the operation went well when I was at the ward waiting for Mrs. T to be wheeled back .  My heart dropped to my stomach as I thought it was bad news.   All went well although Mrs. T is complaining that she can’t pee.  Mrs. T should be discharged tomorrow – hooray! 

Learnt something today.  Private hospitals in Singapore are like five star hotels compared to Malaysian private and public hospitals.  And never ever book a double-bedded room.  You get no rest when your room mate has an endless stream of visitors. 

Private hospital bills in Singapore can be quite frightening.  For a simple procedure like this – it will cost us S$ 10 k.   It’s not that we can’t afford it – but imagine if you have something major.  A huge chunk of your savings will definitely be gone.  Fortunately, we have adequate insurance coverage which will take care of everything.

January 23, 2008

Mrs. T’s Surgery

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Mrs. T will be going for a minor surgery next week and I am pretty worried. She has a good doctor and we are insured but I am still concerned.  I know everything will turn out well.  Must read up more on her condition and force Mrs. T to eat a more healthy diet after her surgery. And I have to devise means to make Mrs. T exercise  instead of watching TV all day.  Hmmm. Maybe I can ask her to do a modified Bodyweight 100 while watching TV.

January 21, 2008

Bodyweight 350: Part II

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I finished Bodyweight 350 today in 28 minutes.  Yay!   That’s a pass (I think).  I did six sets of HIIT training on the treadmill and then went into Bodyweight 350.   Initially, I thought I couldn’t finish the workout because my hamstring was acting up.  My lower body strength is pretty weak as compared to my upper body.  The prisoner squats were tough as hell.   Of course, the last 15 pullouts was a real killer.  I had to break it up in sets of three.

 After I finished the workout, I felt like puking and was quite woozy for a while!  Also, lost my appetite.  I could only eat an hour later.  Mrs. T is pretty cross with all this over-exercising.

After the first Bodyweight 350, I had to go for a massage at House of Traditional Javanese Massage Hut.  Every part of my body was aching and the massage felt really good.  My regular masseur did say that my shoulder blades were very hard and suggested I go for a ginger treatment next time to soften it.  Hmmm.  Like steamed fish!  Of course, I had to go wreck her good work by doing another round of Bodyweight 350.  Hope I don’t feel too destroyed tomorrow.  I think I won’t exercise until Friday this week.   


Tried teaching Mrs. T how to cook tuna pasta today.  It is something I used to cook in the UK.  Mrs. T actually said it’s my best dish ever!  Tuna pasta sounds really gross – but it is actually quite delicious.  The trick is to use a certain brand of canned whole tomatoes.  I thought you couldn’t get this particular brand in Singapore but I found it recently in Cold Storage.  Mrs. T was really happy that her beloved tuna pasta is back.  I wonder whether she will be able to make it herself after my instructions.

December 29, 2007

Chicken Rice for the Soul

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So Christmas lunch was at Tian Tian Chicken Rice at Maxwell Hawker Centre.  I could tell Mom really wanted to try it (my fault – I told her it was famous) when we went there the other day to eat Zhen Zhen porridge for breakfast in the morning.  Problem was that it wasn’t open in the morning.  We tried again after walking around Chinatown at night one day.  When we tracked down the stall, it was closed!  Mom was disappointed again (she even confronted the stall owner as he was closing).

So I decided to try again on Christmas day before bringing Mom to visit Mrs. T’s mother.  I thought it might be closed but it wasn’t.  But the problem was that many people had the same idea as us to have chicken rice for christmas lunch.  The queue was absolutely mad – I queued 30 minutes for it (I wouldn’t normally line up for chicken rice).  We ordered three plates of rice to share between the four of us (Mom, Ah Kim, Mrs. T and I), a plate of chicken and a plate of bean sprouts with cuttlefish.  Mom and Ah Kim loved the chicken rice!  Mrs. T and I thought the chicken rice was pretty good but way too oily for our palate.  Mrs. T was completely put off by the greasiness of the rice that she only had a quarter of the rice.  Mom loved it so much she brought Auntie and her family the next day to eat the chicken rice again.  We also had the famous Xing Xing tapioca cake and the Fuzhou oyster cake.  The tapioca cake was really good – even better than the stuff you find in Malaysia.  The texture was fantastic and it was not too sweet.  Fuzhou cake was a bit too greasy but quite tasty.  The cincau dessert I ordered was a complete disaster – horrible texture.  I took one bite and refused to eat it.

 The meeting between Mom and Mrs. T’s mother went pretty well.  Mom can be very charming when she wants to.  And everyone loves Ah Kim who is such a simple and kind hearted lady.

October 21, 2007

Dinner with Mrs. T’s Folks

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Had dinner with Mrs. T’s folks yesterday at Long Beach, East Coast.  Mrs. T’s mom, brother, sister and brother in law were there.  Mrs. T is still very surprised after all these years that I am able to have a conversation with her mom.  Mrs. T’s mom will usually call every night and we will talk about mundane things (is the papaya I gave you sweet?  what did you have for dinner?).  We can talk for half an hour about essentially nothing.   I find such conversation somewhat pleasant although why this is so leaves Mrs. T completely mystified.  In my current state, I have been thinking that what is important in my life is building relationships with people.  And what better way to start than with family.  The dinner was a belated birthday treat to Mrs. T’s mother.  Mrs. T’s mom seemed to enjoy the evening although she was not very good at eating lobsters and crabs.  She did enjoy the concept of a lobster dinner though. 


Every post seems to be somehow about food.  This post is no different.  Dinner at Long Beach was quite tiring.  Difficult to get parking and you have to work very hard to get the lobster and crab meat out.  The restaurant was also extremely crowded and noisy so much so that I had a headache when I left.  But I can understand why the restaurant was packed.  The food was quite good.  Although the cooking was not ‘fine’ like Lei Garden or Li Bai at Sheraton, the food was very imaginative.  The Mango Roll was unusual – deep fried mango custard – a combination of hot and cold.  Portugese style lobster was very tasty as well.  The stir fried vegetables with pine nuts was a nice twist and really refreshing.  Of course, the chilli crab was dependable and the sauce tasted great when eaten with the deep fried man tou.  The ambience of this restaurant was not so good – dont think I will return soon.  If I have to bring a guest to eat seafood, I will probably go to their branch in IMM or their yet to be opened branch in Dempsey.

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