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October 19, 2007

Savage Chickens

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This cartoon sort of sums out how I have been feeling since my father died.  Makes me wonder what is the point of life, really.  Coupled with  inexplicable waves of sadness (which usually comes over me especially when I am exercising) and periodic anxiety attacks about death.  It’s really strange – I haven’t felt like this or thought about death since I was 10.

On a less depressing mode, I had a huge 3 hours working lunch today.  Loads of details discussed and too much food consumed.  I didn’t want to eat so much but I thought my hosts would be offended if I didn’t finish my food.   Hopefully, my colleague will follow up on the details and I won’t have to do too much.  I was so stuffed I could hardly eat dinner.  Had a bowl of Myojo Chicken Abalone instant noodles for dinner.  Before dinner I went jogging around Bukit Batok Nature Reserve today.  I ran from Jalan Jurong Kechil all the way up to Rail Mall and looped back from Hillview.  The weather was cool but the air way too moist.  No wonder the condominiums around this area are really mossy.   Before coming back, I did some pull ups, dips and push ups at the exercise corner in the Nature Reserve.  But it was really dark so I didn’t linger and jogged back home.

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