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October 21, 2007

Dinner with Mrs. T’s Folks

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Had dinner with Mrs. T’s folks yesterday at Long Beach, East Coast.  Mrs. T’s mom, brother, sister and brother in law were there.  Mrs. T is still very surprised after all these years that I am able to have a conversation with her mom.  Mrs. T’s mom will usually call every night and we will talk about mundane things (is the papaya I gave you sweet?  what did you have for dinner?).  We can talk for half an hour about essentially nothing.   I find such conversation somewhat pleasant although why this is so leaves Mrs. T completely mystified.  In my current state, I have been thinking that what is important in my life is building relationships with people.  And what better way to start than with family.  The dinner was a belated birthday treat to Mrs. T’s mother.  Mrs. T’s mom seemed to enjoy the evening although she was not very good at eating lobsters and crabs.  She did enjoy the concept of a lobster dinner though. 


Every post seems to be somehow about food.  This post is no different.  Dinner at Long Beach was quite tiring.  Difficult to get parking and you have to work very hard to get the lobster and crab meat out.  The restaurant was also extremely crowded and noisy so much so that I had a headache when I left.  But I can understand why the restaurant was packed.  The food was quite good.  Although the cooking was not ‘fine’ like Lei Garden or Li Bai at Sheraton, the food was very imaginative.  The Mango Roll was unusual – deep fried mango custard – a combination of hot and cold.  Portugese style lobster was very tasty as well.  The stir fried vegetables with pine nuts was a nice twist and really refreshing.  Of course, the chilli crab was dependable and the sauce tasted great when eaten with the deep fried man tou.  The ambience of this restaurant was not so good – dont think I will return soon.  If I have to bring a guest to eat seafood, I will probably go to their branch in IMM or their yet to be opened branch in Dempsey.

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