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March 31, 2008

Top Researchers in Singapore

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Whatever one can justifiably say about Singapore – Disneyland with a death penalty, soul-less place, cultural dessert, repressive country etc – at least they got their research agenda of their universities right. Another big boost for the research sector in the country.


Top scientists to lead research
TWO leading international scientists have been roped in to head key organisations being set up here to study cancer and earthquakes.

The cancer facility at the National University of Singapore (NUS) will be headed by Prof Daniel Tenen of the Harvard Medical School, a world leader in cancer research.

The earthquake centre at Nanyang Technological University will be helmed by California Institute of Technology geologist Kerry Sieh.


March 23, 2008

Review of Soup and Satay at Jalan Jurong Kechil

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I went to a charming cafe at Jalan Jurong Kechil called Soup and Satay which only recently opened. The satay was quite delicious – very nicely spiced with lemon grass, beautifully basted, moist and glistening. Mrs. T ordered the fish and chips which turned out to be ordinary. I had the mee soto which was quite yummy – the soup was peppery and not oily at all. The mee soto here is better than the famous Inspirasi mee soto in Bedok. Surprisingly, the best dish turned out to be the tauhu goreng – the spicy peanut sauce was the best I ever eaten.

Overall, a very good find. I would definitely go back to Soup and Satay.

Engineering Courses in Singapore

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If you have excellent STPM results and you are contemplating a degree in engineering in Singapore, please do apply to the Engineering Faculty at NUS or College of Engineering at NTU.

March 21, 2008

Application Deadlines of Singapore Universities for STPM students

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The deadlines for applications to Singapore Universities are drawing close.  For STPM holders with good results, please put in an application.  You never know where UPU will send you e.g. some unknown university in Trengganu.  For an overview of studying in Singapore, you can read my post here.  

NUS is 28 March 2008.  Apply here

NTU is 31 March 2008

 SMU is 8 April 2008

March 17, 2008

The Tak Boleh Tahan Rally

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Compared to the Hindraf and Bersih rally, the tak boleh tahan rally is a small scale affair with only 30 people attending.  But in Singapore such rallies are a rare occurence and an uncommon show of defiance.  The online citizen has the best coverage of this story.

December 11, 2007

Singapore biotech drive loses star Dolly-creator scientist

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Things are not all hunky dory with Singapore’s biomedical drive.  The jury still seems to be out as to whether importing superstar scientists will work.  This recent report is from Reuters.


SINGAPORE, Dec 11 – British scientist Alan Colman, who helped clone Dolly the sheep, is leaving Singapore, dealing another blow to the city-state’s biotech ambitions.

Stem cell scientist Colman, who had been lured to the city-state with grants and research facilities, now heads a Singapore consortium in stem cell research. He will leave next May for the Stem Cell Centre at King’s College London, the city-state’s Agency for Science, Technology and Research said in a statement.


December 5, 2007

The Campaign to Confer Public Stars on the Five Dragon Boaters

Unless you have been living under a rock or have been overseas, you would have read about the tragic incident involving five Singapore dragon boaters in Cambodia.  Their deaths affected many people.  Perhaps, it’s their youth that moved perfect strangers to feel very sorry for them and their families.  Speaking personally, I felt quite sad that such young people who seemed to have so much vitality, good will and zest for life had their lives cut short.   Which set me thinking a few days ago – I think these fine young men (to paraphrase something I read in the papers) represent the best that Singapore has to offer.  A quiet everyday man who had simple dreams and who was a good son, brother, teacher, colleague, student and sportsman.  Since they died in the course of representing Singapore, the nation does owe them something.  In the United States, if someone dies or gets injured in the course of serving the country in the Army, he or she is awarded some sort of medal.  So too in this case – these young men deserve some kind of national honour even if it is posthumously.  I am sure it would mean a lot to their families.

And so this post marks the start of the campaign to confer public stars on the five dragon boaters – Chee Wei Cheng, Jeremy Goh, Stephen Loh, Reuben Kee and Poh Boon San.  How can you help with the campaign?  Write about this idea on your blog, link this blog post and send in a feedback to Government via this website.  If enough people join in this campaign, then hopefully public stars can be awarded to Wei Cheng, Jeremy, Stephen, Reuben and Boon San at the next national day.

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