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April 20, 2008

Review of Liu San Ge at Bukit Timah Plaza

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Liu San Ge is one of my favourite noodles place in the Bukit Timah vicinity. It serves simple Taiwanese food and is great for a simple lunch or dinner. Mrs. T and I like to eat at this place because we can do our grocery shopping at Bukit Timah Plaza at NTUC Finest after that.

We always order the same things when we go there. Mrs. T will have the ja chiang mian and I will have the tan zhai mian (pork mince and noodle soup). And we will have two plates of dumplings – one fried and one steamed. Usually, I will have a cup of soya as well. The shop owner and his waitresses are quite warm and friendly. I am not so good with the other Taiwanese food served there like their fish cake, mi jiang etc. One day, I will muster enough courage to try the oyster vermicelli.

Overall, highly recommended for a hearty meal at a good price.

April 6, 2008

Review of Teochew Cuisine Restaurant

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Went to Teochew Cuisine Restaurant at Bukit Batok with Mrs. T which is located in an unassuming HDB Block (Block 132) at Bukit Batok West Avenue 6. We weren’t very hungry and so we ordered three small dishes – duck breast with taupok, nai pai (baby bok choy) with dried scallops and fish soup. We were quite surprised that all dishes were above average. The duck was really good. And best of all the seasoning of the food in this place is very light and subtle – just like how Teochew food should be. The bill came up to S$ 29. The chef and service staff are from China. I found the waitresses to be attentive and friendly. And their dipping sauces are quite unusual and delicious.

We were too full to have orh nee (the yam dessert). But this is a restaurant we will definitely come back to. I will probably return with friends so that we can order more. I have my eye on the cold dish and the crabs.

Review of Cafe Fahrenheit at Eng Kong

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It seems that restaurants are popping up in all the most ulu parts of Singapore. Lunch was at Cafe Fahrenheit at Eng Kong. Mrs. T really liked the location of the cafe and said she would definitely be back. We ordered a bruschetta and eggs benedict to share. The bruschetta was above average and I liked the tangy pasta salad that went with it. The eggs benedict did not fare so well. While the poached egg, sauce and spinach was quite delicious (Anthony Bourdain would say pornographic – the way the yolk oozed out), the English muffin below spoilt the dish for me. I thought English muffins were supposed to be tasteless, like bread. At least that’s the kind of English muffins I had in England. Their English muffin tasted like – a muffin. The sweetness at the bottom of the savoury dish just totally threw me and spoilt the dish for me. Guess I wont be ordering that when I next come here.

Anyway, I surfed around and saw that they seemed to do very good desserts. I will probably come back here for the strawberry dessert.

March 30, 2008

Review of Sweet Salty Spicy

Mrs. T and I went shopping for shoes and nuts today at Bugis. After my usual coffee at Hup Cheong and bean curd with gingko nuts at Bukit Timah Food Centre, we went to Bugis to hunt for a pair of black shoes from Charles and Keith for Mrs. T. We got what Mrs. T wanted and then went hunting for nuts at the famous Fu Lu Shou Complex. The place was on top of a hawker centre near OG. It reminded me of Hong Kong. Anyway, the place sold lots of dried goods and also nuts. It wasn’t very hygienic – but the prices were good and certainly cheaper than NTUC. I will probably toast the nuts in the oven before I eat them. I bought lots of walnuts, cashews, peanuts and almonds. Hopefully, my stash will last me at least 3 months.


I decided to go to Bukit Timah Nature Reserve this evening with Mrs. T. Took an off the main road trek (Catchment Path) to Summit Hut. Didn’t manage to take the Dairy Farm Loop though. Anyway, it was getting dark and the I didn’t fancy being stuck at night in a secondary jungle. All in all it was a pretty good trek.


Mrs. T and I went to Sweet Salty Spicy at Rail Mall for dinner. The restaurant was very stylish from the outside. Nice beautiful mural of orchids on the walls, black slate floor, wooden tables and a lot of glass like a posh Italian deli. We ordered the sharing platter, pad thai and green mango salad. Unfortunately, the food did not match the very nice ambience. The pad thai was so salty it made my hair stand – it’s a mistake to put in salty chunky dried shrimps (hae bi) and sweet chai por in the pad thai. The sharing platter was also not too great – the soft shell crab was passable, the crispy crackers with chicken curry were not very nice (crackers weren’t as crispy as the ones in Patara and the chicken curry dip was too salty) and the pomelo on betel nut was all wrong (the blend of saltiness, chilli, sweetness and spice was not done well). The mango salad was also pretty weird. It had salmon flakes and was not sour, sweet or hot enough. We paid close to 60 bucks for two. Mrs. T said we would never come back again. I bet the chef is not Thai. No self respecting Thais will serve food like that. Maybe I have been too spoiled by the wonderful Thai food at Thai Noodle House at Coronation or the Thai Cze Char place at Beauty World Hawker Centre.

March 24, 2008

Buddhist Dog

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Had a simple dinner with Mrs. T at Forture Seafood at Bukit Timah. Mrs. T had fish slice noodles soup and I had Hong Kong Mee.

Still feeling the effects of Bodyweight 500 which I did yesterday. My time is not improving. Finished it in 51 minutes 37 seconds. The afternoon heat sapped all my energy and I could barely complete the workout. Wonder whether I can ever complete it in under 40 minutes.


Love the story about the Buddhist dog below.


Buddhist dog prays for worldly desires Buddhist dog prays for worldly desires
Monday, March 24

NAHA, Japan (AFP) – – Buddhists clasp their palms together to pray for enlightenment, but Conan, a chihuahua, appears to have more worldly motivations.

The dog has become a popular attraction at a Japanese temple after learning to imitate the worshippers around him.


March 23, 2008

Review of Soup and Satay at Jalan Jurong Kechil

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I went to a charming cafe at Jalan Jurong Kechil called Soup and Satay which only recently opened. The satay was quite delicious – very nicely spiced with lemon grass, beautifully basted, moist and glistening. Mrs. T ordered the fish and chips which turned out to be ordinary. I had the mee soto which was quite yummy – the soup was peppery and not oily at all. The mee soto here is better than the famous Inspirasi mee soto in Bedok. Surprisingly, the best dish turned out to be the tauhu goreng – the spicy peanut sauce was the best I ever eaten.

Overall, a very good find. I would definitely go back to Soup and Satay.

January 30, 2008

Fitness Journal: Bodyweight 350 + Bodyweight 100

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Did Bodyweight 350 + Bodyweight 100 in 26 minutes 48 seconds.  I am quite pleased with it considering that I am feeling quite tired because I have been taking care of Mrs. T.

 But any good effects of the exercise was probably negated with what I ate.  I had a Ham Cheem Peng in the morning (as a snack after breakfast) and loads of kueh from Xing Xiang at Maxwell Road.  The kueh kosui and tapioca cakes from Xing Xing are really yummy!  I bought a whole bunch of kueh for Mrs. T.  But Mrs. T said she wasn’t hungry so it all ended in my stomach!

I will do this workout one more time before I try Bodyweight 500 from the Belly Off programme.

January 19, 2008

Bodyweight 350

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 Did this workout today which only utilises your bodyweight .  I thought it looked really easy but it turned out to be tough.  It really took a lot out of me – I was feeling kinda woozy during dinner and my legs felt like jelly.  The prisoner squats and the lunges were tough!  And the pullouts were a killer.   Finished the workout in 38 minutes – which is a fail unfortunately. I am supposed to finish it in 30 minutes.  I guess I am not as fit as I thought.  Hopefully, I can do it within the stipulated time the next time round.   I am quite tired from the workout and will probably sleep early today.


Discovered a pretty good pan mee in Beauty World Centre Hawker Centre today when I went out for lunch with Mrs. T.  Hooray.  Pan Mee in Singapore tend to be damn gross e.g. the horrendous Qiu Lian Pan Mee which has a thick inedible floury soup.  This Pan Mee had a nice clear soup.  I will probably go back to this stall again.


Dinner was with my cousins and Mrs. T.  Coffee later at Jones the Grocer.  The coffee was a little below standard but I really like the atmosphere of Jones.  It is nice to get to know my cousins.  Part of my resolution to make an effort to be closer to my relatives.

January 14, 2008

An Ode to the Pan Mee at Chun Heong at Lucky Garden

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My all time favourite breakfast and lunch in the world must be Pan Mee at Chun Heong at Lucky Garden, Bangsar.  This is something that I have eaten for more than 20 years since I was a teenager.  When I come back to KL, I can eat this every day for two weeks and not be tired of it.   I have always joked that if I ever become a millionaire, I would put the husband and wife team who makes this wonderful bowl of noodles on my entourage so that I can enjoy these noodles at any time. 

 The pan mee is a beautiful combination of wonderfully textured home made noodles, crispy ikan bilis (anchovies), slices of pork, pork mince, kow kee choy (a kind of green leaves) and served in a very tasty broth.  Now what makes this dish so delicious is the chilli sauce that is served with this dish.  It is a slightly sour, belachan infused and made with fiery chilli padi – the sauce just completes this delicious bowl of noodles by providing this dish with a feisty ‘kick’.  When I eat my pan mee, I am always faced with an impossible choice.  Do I toss the entire serving of chilli into the broth and enjoy the spicy goodness of the soup or do I enjoy the clean flavours of the soup and periodically dunk the ingredients into the chilli?  Such a difficult dilemma!  Either way I absolutely love this dish!  From the beautiful texture of the freshly made noodles, the crunchy taste of the ikan bilis, the wonderfully flavour of the fried shallots and the refreshing taste of the kow kee choy – I enjoy this bowl of noodles to the very last drop of the broth.   

Place: Kedai Makanan Chun Heong, Lorong Ara Kiri 2, Lucky Garden, Bangsar.  Open for breakfast and lunch only.

January 6, 2008

Mrs. T’s Birthday Lunch and Restaurant Review

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Mrs. T’s birthday was a few days ago.  And we went out to celebrate!  Of all the things I am thankful for  in my life, the one I am most grateful  is Mrs. T’s presence and continuous love.  I worked from home that day and went out to celebrate with Mrs. T.  Mrs. T’s birthday lunch was at the new restaurant called Absolute Haven located at Prinsep Street.  It’s slightly difficult to find – the best thing to do is to park at Sunshine Plaza and walk there.

 The restaurant was absolutely empty except the two of us for lunch.  Mrs. T enjoyed having the restaurant all to herself.  Ambience wise – it wasn’t as posh or as chi chi as some of the newest restaurants in town.  The restaurant was pretty casual with some dark gothic wall paper.  It probably looked better at night.  Service was attentive without being intrusive.

Mrs T had a starter of chicken consomme and I had a mushroom and spinach salad.  Both starters were simple and excellent.  Although Mrs. T enjoyed the soup very much, we both felt that a simple chicken soup for S$ 12 was a bit too expensive.  We can have something similar at Mrs. T’s mother’s flat!  The mushroom and spinach salad was basically three kinds of mushrooms (oyster, button and shitake mushroom) sauted in balsamic vinegar and some onions.  It was served with some fresh baby spinach leaves and cheese shavings.  It was really simple but the whole combination worked very well.  I must remember to try this at home.




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