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March 16, 2009

Mara makes offer to student who scored 20As in SPM

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It’s always nice to read a story of a student from a humble background made good. But this story is troubling on a couple of levels. Why is the Minister Noh Omar by passing the formalities of the interview and the form filling? Why do the rules apply to some and not to others? Also, what is the rush of sending this student to the UK to do her A-levels? It might be better for her to do her A-levels in Malaysia as she might suffer a culture shock in the UK. Of course, we remember the disparity in treatment between this case and the case of the late Chiang Ti-Ming who received no help from the governement whatsoever.

Be that as it may, I wish Nik Nur all the best in her studies.

Monday March 16, 2009
Mara makes offer to student who scored 20As in SPM

KUALA LUMPUR: Majlis Amanah Rakyat (Mara) has offered the nation’s top SPM scorer Nik Nur Madihah Nik Mohd Kamal a convertible loan for her to pursue her studies overseas.

Nik Nur Madihah, who scored 19 1As and one 2A, will be sent to do her A-Levels in Britain if she accepts the offer.

Entrepreneur and Cooperative Development Minister Datuk Noh Omar said Mara-sponsored students under an excellent student scheme would usually have to pass A-Levels exams in the country before they were sent abroad.

“This is a special case. I’ve met with Nik Nur Madihah, her father and her guidance teacher. She is an exceptional student who has proven that poverty is not an obstacle for success,” he said yesterday.

Noh added that the 18-year-old student will bypass interviews and form-filling process for the loan that will be offered to her today.

“We will take care of her accommodation and college there in Bri­tain,” he said, adding that the student had expressed interest to study physics in London.

It was learnt that another organisation has also made an offer to Nik Nur Madihah.

“It will be her choice,” Noh said.

Nik Nur Madihah, the daughter of a fisherman and a cleaner from Kampung Parang Puting, near Pantai Sabak, in Kota Baru, Kelantan, is the eldest of four siblings.

She has an excellent academic track record by scoring 5As in UPSR, 9As in PMR and 20As in last year’s SPM.

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