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March 2, 2009

VC chosen based solely on race

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From Malaysiakini. If I am not mistaken, all the Vice Chancellors in Malaysia are Malay. I guess the answer to Prof Ramasamy’s question is pretty obvious.

‘VC chosen based solely on race’
Rahmah Ghazali | Mar 2, 09 12:45pm
P Ramasamy (DAP-Batu Kawan) questioned the process of appointing vice-chancellors of public universities, asking if candidates are considered only from among bumiputeras.
Deputy Higher Education Minister Hou Kok Chung denied this, however, saying that a search committee appoints the vice-chancellor “based on qualifications and experiences rather than race”.

A search committee is made up of representatives of various groups including the board of trustees, faculty members (professors), alumni and students.

“They receive the same treatment during the interviews, regardless of their race. They are rated on their achievements and qualifications. Whoever is qualified gets the post,” said Hou.

But the answer failed to convince Ramasamy, who is also Penang deputy chief minister (II), who accused the government of practising an “Umno policy” in such appointments.

This caused an uproar among Barisan Nasional backbenchers who demanded a retraction of the statement. Ramasamy ignored their calls.

Former Universiti Malaya vice-chancellor Rafiah Salim had previously claimed that there is gender bias by the government, after she was not re-appointed to the post last November.

The first woman to head a public university in the country, she was only informed of the decision 48 hours before the expiry of her term.

DAP ‘racist’ too

Deputy Speaker Ronald Kiandee tried to calm the situation by allowing Jamaluddin Jarjis (BN-Rompin) to ask a supplementary question.

Jamaluddin, however, first accused DAP of being ‘racist’ and urged Ramasamy to stay focused on “academic issues rather than politics”.

“DAP has been fighting against so-called racial issues. But does DAP consist (members) of every race? All they have is politics and all they do is fight, insult and hate other people!”he exclaimed.

Ramasamy refused to back down and continued to insist that candidates are chosen based on race. However, Jamaluddin had the last word.

“If you want to ask something about education, keep your focus on it. Not on race. You accuse other people of being racist when you yourself are racist,” he said, before posing his question to the House.

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