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January 31, 2009

USM as a Quota Free University

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Dare we even hope that USM would be designated as the first quota free university in Malaysia in terms of recruitment of faculty and student admissions? This would effectively cement its status as the apex university of Malaysia.

Even in India, they are reversing quotas at some of the top universities.


January 29, 2009
India Reverses Faculty Hiring Quotas at 47 Top Universities
New Delhi — Buckling under pressure from academics at the prestigious Indian Institutes of Technology, the Indian government has decided to exempt those and a number of other universities from quotas in faculty appointments. News of the exemption was revealed at a meeting on Wednesday of the institutes’ council, the highest decision-making body for the engineering schools.

January 6, 2009

Prof Dzulkifli Abdul Razak, tell us about your plans for USM

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I am happy to read that USM is organising class reunions. As I have written before, class reunions are important to keep in contact with alumni; the alumni is a huge untapped resource for funding for a university.

On another note, I realised that the Vice Chancellor of USM has a regular column in the Straits Times. Glancing through the past few pieces, his writings are a pleasant and light read. But what I really want to know from Prof Dzulkifli is his plans for USM especially since it has been granted the coveted Apex status. As the extra funding comes out of the taxpayers’ pocket, I feel that the public has a right to know. So please, enough of the lighthearted stuff. Can you tell us your plans for USM?

DZULKIFLI ABDUL RAZAK: Oh, the treasured memories at the reunions
By Dzulkifli Abdul Razak


FORTY years seems a very long time. But, when gathering for a reunion, 40 years seem just like yesterday as experiences and faces neatly fall into place. It’s much like a jigsaw puzzle meant for children. The pictures are vivid and large, the colours fresh and appealing. Most of all, it is fun as everything comes alive. At times, it is like re-living everything all over again, especially when it exudes happiness, in contrast to the predictions of gloom and doom ahead.

I discovered this twice last week when my alma mater celebrated its 40th anniversary. Both occasions were equally grand and captivating as though we were in a time-capsule, flashing from point to point, just quick enough to sample the moments.

The first time-capsule in this case brought us back to the days when Universiti Sains Malaysia, then known as Universiti Pulau Pinang, was newly established in 1969.

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