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April 7, 2008

Save Sufiah: The Unbelievable Stupidity of Khaled Nordin

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What an ignoble start for the new Higher Education Minister. He wants to save Sufiah Yusof. What a joke! On what basis are we going to use tax payers’ money to save her? She’s not even a Malaysian citizen! The UK government basically told the Malaysian government to fuck off with their ridiculous request to help Sufiah.

It just galls me to think when Chiang Ti Ming, the Malaysian Chinese genius, wanted to further his education in the 90s he received no help from the Malaysian government. Nada. Nil. Kosong. The Chinese community had to raise funds for him to further his education in the US. Of course, the Malaysian government went running to Sufiah’s father to offer her a scholarship to Oxford when Sufiah’s story broke. And now after all these years, they offer to help Sufiah again now that she is working as an escort. Hello Pakcik Khaled Nordin – Why the double standards? Is it because you think that Sufiah is Malay? She is only half Malay – have some pride lah. Is it because Sufiah is Muslim? What about the Malaysian hookers in Chow Kit and Choo Cheng Kay flats? Who will save their souls?

Khaled Nordin – you should concentrate on managing your portfolio instead of menjaga tepi kain orang lain. Remember? Higher Education? Somehow I doubt that this guy will do well in this portfolio.
Ministry can’t help Sufiah
PUTRAJAYA: There is nothing much that the Higher Education Ministry can do for Sufiah Yusof as she is not a Malaysian citizen.

Sufiah, 23, is a British citizen, whose mother Halimathon Yusof is from Muar, Johor. Her father, Faroof Yusof, is a Pakistani citizen.

Higher Education Minister Datuk Seri Mohamad Khaled Nordin said Sufiah was also of legal age and could do as she liked with her life.

Reports from Britain said the child prodigy had become a prostitute.

“We just can’t bring her back. She is big now and can decide for herself. She has the right to do as she pleases, ” he said yesterday, adding that the Malaysian Students Department in Britain had been asked to look into Sufiah’s case.

Put M’sian women first

Dear Editor, THE `Save Sufiah’ campaign initiated by Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s De partment, Dr Mashitah Ibrahim, is unnecessary.
Sufiah has a Malaysian mother, but Sufiah is not a citizen of this country.

Sure, we had our share of pride when she was admitted to Oxford at an early age.

After discovering her plight, our government is planning a rescue plan for her (using tax payers’ money) to locate, counsel and promise her a new life.

I admire the humanitarian spirit of Dr Mashitah but we have to bear in mind that she is smart enough to decide what is right and wrong in life.

There are many women and girls who are forced into pros titution in Malaysia.

If authorities visit Chow Kit, Brickfields or other spots and talk to the girls who wait there for their `customers’, then I think the government would agree that Malaysian women need a lot of help, both fin ancially and emotionally.

My plea to the authorities before continuing on the ‘Save Sufiah’ campaign is to consider the fate of Malaysian women here first.

I agree that the government has programmes in place to lift the socio-economic status of women, but let us focus and see if there are enough and find solutions.

Lets concentrate on those at home before helping foreigners abroad.


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  2. The comments dated 4/7/08 is well put. I just want to add that the actions of the disesteemed Minister of Higher Education in Malaysia is nothing more than a reflection of the by-product of myopic policies of the Malaysian goverment. He got the same privileges growing up as Sufiah did, based on their so called Malay race. There is a sense of entitlement from the government, again based on the so called Malay race. Will this policy of affirmative actions for the MAJORITY (NOT MINORITY) make any country great in the future? Will it encourage development of great minds among those to whom much (and much more) is given? Will it inspire it’s own citizens (especially those who have been neglected) to be loyal subjects? I doubt it. Should we care? I think the MAJORITY of the electorate (i.e the Malays) should. It is their children and grand chlidren’s legacy and future they are meddling with after all. AND to those who are forgotten by their own government, I only have this to say…”what does not break you only make you stronger,forget about goverment hand-outs, be positive, carve your own future, the world is yours and carpe diem!”

    Comment by june — February 17, 2010 @ 6:38 pm

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