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January 6, 2008

Mrs. T’s Birthday Lunch and Restaurant Review

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Mrs. T’s birthday was a few days ago.  And we went out to celebrate!  Of all the things I am thankful for  in my life, the one I am most grateful  is Mrs. T’s presence and continuous love.  I worked from home that day and went out to celebrate with Mrs. T.  Mrs. T’s birthday lunch was at the new restaurant called Absolute Haven located at Prinsep Street.  It’s slightly difficult to find – the best thing to do is to park at Sunshine Plaza and walk there.

 The restaurant was absolutely empty except the two of us for lunch.  Mrs. T enjoyed having the restaurant all to herself.  Ambience wise – it wasn’t as posh or as chi chi as some of the newest restaurants in town.  The restaurant was pretty casual with some dark gothic wall paper.  It probably looked better at night.  Service was attentive without being intrusive.

Mrs T had a starter of chicken consomme and I had a mushroom and spinach salad.  Both starters were simple and excellent.  Although Mrs. T enjoyed the soup very much, we both felt that a simple chicken soup for S$ 12 was a bit too expensive.  We can have something similar at Mrs. T’s mother’s flat!  The mushroom and spinach salad was basically three kinds of mushrooms (oyster, button and shitake mushroom) sauted in balsamic vinegar and some onions.  It was served with some fresh baby spinach leaves and cheese shavings.  It was really simple but the whole combination worked very well.  I must remember to try this at home.




Mrs. T had the fish and chips whereas I had the seafood pesto pasta as our mains.  The fish and chips is easily the best I have eaten in Singapore.  It was served with some mango aioli and some mango salsa.  The fish was snapper and was much more tasty than the usual dory fish used in fish and chips.  I would have liked the mango salsa to have been a bit more tart and stronger tasting (i.e. with limes, chilli, fish sauce and mango).  The seafood pasta was chockful with very fresh ingredients – scallops, huge prawns, fish, squid etc.  Mrs. T is always somewhat afraid of ordering pesto pasta because it has the tendency to become too claggy.  The overrated laksa pesto at the otherwise excellent Wild Rocket is an example of pesto pasta that is too claggy.  In contrast, the pesto pasta at Absolute Haven had no hint of clagginess.  Mrs. T loved it and ate one third of pesto pasta.

The portions here are just right.  Mrs. T and I left the restaurant feeling satisfied but not over-stuffed.  It might not be enough for people in their twenties though.  Overall, this restaurant is a winner and I hope it survives.

Address: Absolute Haven, 70 Prinsep Street. Tel:  6333 4358


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