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January 30, 2008

Fitness Journal: Bodyweight 350 + Bodyweight 100

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Did Bodyweight 350 + Bodyweight 100 in 26 minutes 48 seconds.  I am quite pleased with it considering that I am feeling quite tired because I have been taking care of Mrs. T.

 But any good effects of the exercise was probably negated with what I ate.  I had a Ham Cheem Peng in the morning (as a snack after breakfast) and loads of kueh from Xing Xiang at Maxwell Road.  The kueh kosui and tapioca cakes from Xing Xing are really yummy!  I bought a whole bunch of kueh for Mrs. T.  But Mrs. T said she wasn’t hungry so it all ended in my stomach!

I will do this workout one more time before I try Bodyweight 500 from the Belly Off programme.

January 29, 2008

Mrs. T is Home!

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Eating and watching her Korean programmes.  And studiously ignoring me.  She must be feeling better!

January 28, 2008

Mrs. T’s Operation

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Mrs. T’s operation went well today.  But it is heart wrenching to see Mrs. T all groggy and in pain.  The doctor actually called me on my mobile to let me know that the operation went well when I was at the ward waiting for Mrs. T to be wheeled back .  My heart dropped to my stomach as I thought it was bad news.   All went well although Mrs. T is complaining that she can’t pee.  Mrs. T should be discharged tomorrow – hooray! 

Learnt something today.  Private hospitals in Singapore are like five star hotels compared to Malaysian private and public hospitals.  And never ever book a double-bedded room.  You get no rest when your room mate has an endless stream of visitors. 

Private hospital bills in Singapore can be quite frightening.  For a simple procedure like this – it will cost us S$ 10 k.   It’s not that we can’t afford it – but imagine if you have something major.  A huge chunk of your savings will definitely be gone.  Fortunately, we have adequate insurance coverage which will take care of everything.

January 27, 2008

Fitness Journal: Bodyweight 350 + 100

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Exercised like a maniac today.  Probably because I was anxious over Mrs. T’s operation tomorrow.  I powered through Bodyweight 350 in 18 minutes 34 seconds.  And then went immediately into Bodyweight 100 which I completed without too much difficulty.  Messed up my stopwatch on my mobile phone (damn!).  So I am not sure what time I came in at.  I am pretty sure it was below 30 minutes.

I wonder why today was much easier.  Was it because I ate a lot of food for lunch (and dinner the night before)?

This Belly Off program is pretty time saving.  Will do Bodyweight 350 + 100 two more times before trying Bodyweight 500!

Positive Thoughts for Mrs T

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Mrs. T is going for an operation tomorrow.  The doctor says there is 99 % chance of success.  So that’s pretty good odds.  We both have to get up really early (5.30 am) for the 7.30 am operation.  Hope all will be well.

January 26, 2008

Fitness Journal: Bodyweight 350

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Did the bodyweight 350 again yesterday.  It was way more difficult than the last time.  I finished in 21 minutes and 58 seconds.  I initially wanted to do the Bodyweight 100 immediately but was too exhausted by then.  Will try doing Bodyweight 350 + 100 on Sunday under 30 minutes.

January 23, 2008

Mrs. T’s Surgery

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Mrs. T will be going for a minor surgery next week and I am pretty worried. She has a good doctor and we are insured but I am still concerned.  I know everything will turn out well.  Must read up more on her condition and force Mrs. T to eat a more healthy diet after her surgery. And I have to devise means to make Mrs. T exercise  instead of watching TV all day.  Hmmm. Maybe I can ask her to do a modified Bodyweight 100 while watching TV.

Fitness Journal: Bodyweight 350

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January 21, 2008

Bodyweight 350: Part II

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I finished Bodyweight 350 today in 28 minutes.  Yay!   That’s a pass (I think).  I did six sets of HIIT training on the treadmill and then went into Bodyweight 350.   Initially, I thought I couldn’t finish the workout because my hamstring was acting up.  My lower body strength is pretty weak as compared to my upper body.  The prisoner squats were tough as hell.   Of course, the last 15 pullouts was a real killer.  I had to break it up in sets of three.

 After I finished the workout, I felt like puking and was quite woozy for a while!  Also, lost my appetite.  I could only eat an hour later.  Mrs. T is pretty cross with all this over-exercising.

After the first Bodyweight 350, I had to go for a massage at House of Traditional Javanese Massage Hut.  Every part of my body was aching and the massage felt really good.  My regular masseur did say that my shoulder blades were very hard and suggested I go for a ginger treatment next time to soften it.  Hmmm.  Like steamed fish!  Of course, I had to go wreck her good work by doing another round of Bodyweight 350.  Hope I don’t feel too destroyed tomorrow.  I think I won’t exercise until Friday this week.   


Tried teaching Mrs. T how to cook tuna pasta today.  It is something I used to cook in the UK.  Mrs. T actually said it’s my best dish ever!  Tuna pasta sounds really gross – but it is actually quite delicious.  The trick is to use a certain brand of canned whole tomatoes.  I thought you couldn’t get this particular brand in Singapore but I found it recently in Cold Storage.  Mrs. T was really happy that her beloved tuna pasta is back.  I wonder whether she will be able to make it herself after my instructions.

January 20, 2008

Advice for the STPM or SPM student

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I have been getting consistent hits on my post  “What to do after SPM/STPM?” that I thought I would write a follow up on it.  One of the most important thing that you can do as a young student is to improve the standard of your written and spoken English.  If you are proficient in other languages like Chinese, that’s great because it means you might be able to work in China (many multi national corporations are setting up base in big cities in China like Shanghai and Beijing).  But even if one is proficient in another language, a person should never neglect his or her standard of English.  A good command of the English language can only help you advance in your studies and career.  Good English enables you to work in international companies and to be able to communicate with overseas colleagues effectively and with confidence.

So what can you do to improve your written and spoken English?  Some suggestions include:

1.  Read English newspapers every day.  It is shocking how some students do not read the newspapers and are totally ignorant about the world.

2.  You should also read English language periodicals like Time Magazine and Newsweek.  Once your English proficiency improves, try reading the Economist as well.  If you can afford it, subscribe to these magazines.  If you can’t afford the subscription fees, then go to the library on a regular basis to read these magazines.  As you read the articles – make a mental note on how the reporters write and structure their articles. 

3.  If you don’t have access to a library or can’t afford the magazines, read high quality online newspapers like Times of London, New York Times, the Guardian etc on a regular basis.  Don’t waste too much time on the Net reading useless and childish blogs (of course, there are some blogs that are well-written).

4. Practise writing essays.  If you have a blog, try writing in proper sentences instead of in SMS style.

5. Join debating clubs.  Even if you don’t like to talk in front of strangers, you should do it.  Debates will force you to articulate your thoughts and train you to speak in front of strangers. 

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