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December 22, 2007

Green Island Serenade – Lüdao Xiaoyequ

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I was having breakfast with my mom, aunts and uncles when a busker sang this song.   It brought back a lot of memories because it was my late father’s favourite song.  My father told me when I was a little kid about the origins of this song –  it was originally a poetry written by a prisoner in Taiwan on an island called Green Island.  The inmate fell in love with a female inmate who was imprisoned in the female quarters.  Obviously, the ill-fated lovers couldn’t be together and could only trade longing glances.  The lyrics and the tune of the song is quite beautiful.  I rewarded the busker with $ 2.  It is strange isn’t it, the things you remember?

Anyway, I found the translation of the song and a version sung by Vienna Teng.



Green Island Serenade
translation by Ed Peaslee

This green island is like a boat,
floating in the moonlight.
My darling, you too
are floating in the sea of my heart.
Let the sound of my song follow the breeze,
blowing open the curtain of your window.
Let my love follow the flowing water,
endlessly pouring out its feelings for you.
The long shadows of the palm trees
cannot conceal my love;
the bright beauty of the moonlight
casts its brilliance into my heart.
This green island night is so calm and serene —
my darling, why are you silent, saying nothing?

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