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December 9, 2007

The Hindraf Crisis: Lessons from Sun Tzu’s Art of War

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Always allow the enemy To continue their retreat To their homes.  When you surround the enemy Always allow them an escape route. They must see That there is An Alternative to Death Indeed, be fearful of The enemy who is cornered With no way out

Sun Tzu Bingfa (Art of War)


I think both parties (UMNO and Hindraf) ought to take a leaf from Sun Tzu’s Art of War.  On the ruling party’s side, they shouldn’t oppress people until they feel that they have completely no way out.  As Sun Tzu said a foe that sees no alternative to death is a formidable enemy.  After all, remember that Hindraf was started when the Everest hero N. Moorthy was buried a Muslim.  Even in death, the Hindus feel that they are oppressed.  Threats of arrest under the ISA, parang being wielded and allegations that Hindraf has terrorism links will not defuse the situation.  On Hindraf’s part, it should try to give UMNO a face saving way out while getting something positive for their community.  Perhaps, a concrete proposal to build several good Tamil schools, the setting up of university scholarships for Indians or extra funding for pre-existing Tamil schools is something that comes to my mind.  Otherwise, this stand off is not good for both sides and the country.

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  1. Since Indian community issues in Malaysia is considered as a ‘Minority vs majority‘ issue, let us also compare the statistics of Indian Muslims, in India it self. Unlike Malaysian Hindus, Indian Muslims have not arrived from outside. But, in India Muslims are not making such a cry like HINDARF.

    Recently, Justice Rajinder Sachar Committee report admitted that 138 Million Muslims across India are severely under-represented in government employment, including Public Sector Units. Ironically, West Bengal, a communist ruled state reported 0 (zero) percent of Muslims in higher positions in its PSUs! It has found that the share of Muslims in government jobs and in the lower judiciary in any state simply does not come anywhere close to their population share. The only place where Muslims can claim a share in proportion to their population is in prison! (Muslims convicts in India is 19.1%, while the number of under trials is 22.5%, which exceed their population ratio) . A note sent on January 9 by the army to the defence ministry in 2004 says that only 29,093 Muslims among a total of 1.1 million personnel — a ratio of 2.6 %, which compares poorly with the Muslims’ 13 % share in the Indian population. Officially, Indian Army don’t allow head count based on religion.

    A Muslim child attends school for three years and four months, compared to the national average of four years. Less than two percent of the students at the elite Indian Institutes of Technology comprise of the Muslim community.

    Please note that, Malaysian Indians are not the original inhabitants of the country; but Indian Muslims are from the same racial and ethnic groups as their compatriots. And still they face discrimination in the world’s largest democracy called India. (Ref. Indian Express, The Missing Muslims)

    Comment by escapefromindia — December 9, 2007 @ 11:12 am

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